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License server & support site emails not working [RESOLVED]

Started by Steeve, June 22, 2017, 01:00:11 am

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I ordered (and paid !) a yearly subscription for Platino on june 13 (9 days ago).

First : I can't download your products from France. I had to get them first from a USA located VPS to finally re-download from France. It was really complicated, but I was able to get it.

Second (and most important) : I did't receive my licence key and Platino Studio ask for it at start.
Despite 2 support tickets, 1 email and 1 message on your contact form. I haven't got any answer from support team.

I bought a subscription, and I can't use it ...



I apologize.  We seem to be having a problem with our license server.  I'll send you a download link and license key right away.



Alright, I'm truly sorry about that - we've apparently not been receiving emails from our support site for a little while.  I've fixed the issue and you should receive links to download and your license key.  Please let me know if you receive this in the next few minutes or not.



I received my licence key and I was able to start Platino Studio.
Thanks a lot !


Great, thanks for letting us know.  And for bringing this issue to our attention.  I'll make sure you're in our mailing list so you get updates on our upcoming release.

Also, I'm just going to alter the topic title so it's clear if anyone comes across this in the forum, that this was a temporary issue that's been resolved.  I won't change or delete any of the messages, though, as this was most definitely our problem.  For bringing this to our attention, I'll alter your license on our server to make it perpetual so you won't have to renew & will get the new versions for free when they're released.


Oh, great !
Thanks for this. Now, it's time for me to work with Platino :)

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