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Compiling Chimpmunk samples -> load module error

Started by miga, August 23, 2015, 04:13:27 am

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Operating System
  Name                        = Fedora
  Version                     = 22
  Architecture                = 64bit
  # CPUs                      = 4
  Memory                      = 7.8GB

  Node.js Version             = 0.10.36
  npm Version                 = 2.11.0

Titanium CLI
  CLI Version                 = 4.0.1
  node-appc Version           = 0.2.26                                                                                                                                       

Java Development Kit                                                                                                                                                                   
  Version                     = 1.8.0_45                                                                                                                                               
  Java Home                   = /usr/java/jdk1.8.0_45   

Titanium SDK 4.1.0.GA

Platino 2.5 installed to ~/.titanium/modules/   (chipmunk is at ~/.titanium/modules/android/co.lanica.chipmunk2d/0.2/)

During compiling I got:
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[DEBUG] Looking for Titanium module id=co.lanica.chipmunk2d version=latest platform=android deploy-type=production
[INFO]  Found Titanium module id=co.lanica.chipmunk2d version=0.2 platform=android deploy-type=production path=/home/miga/.titanium/modules/android/co.lanica.chipmunk2d/0.2
[DEBUG] Looking for Titanium module id=io.platino version=latest platform=android deploy-type=production
[INFO]  Found Titanium module id=io.platino version=2.9.0 platform=android deploy-type=production path=/home/miga/.titanium/modules/android/io.platino/2.9.0
[WARN]  Module co.lanica.chipmunk2d version 0.2 does not have a main jar file

ChipmunkSwigV8Android.jar is inside the chipmunk2d folder.
When I start the app (phone) it stops with error loading module.

Other exampls with just io.platino (bunnymark, camera, cardflip, events, particledice,..) work but examples with other modules (chipmunksample, flappy bird, jukebox) lead to a 'module not found' error.


Sorry, I meant to reply to this earlier but after we swapped emails I neglected to update here.

As you know, Chipmunk is generally awful for cross platform development, it's overly complex at times it needn't be and buggy when used with JS - PhysicsJS is in the latest build (available tonight/tomorrow) - once it's live there's a new sample, the docs are updated and you'll love how much better the APIs are.

- Peach :-)


Thank you, Peach! Looking foward to the Twinkies next release!

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