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Developer Support / Platino with TI SDK 6.x.x ?
July 14, 2017, 11:52:21 am

I have some issues when I try to use Platino.
In one hand, I use some softwares that needs recents tools (last Android SDK, ...)
In the other hand, I would like to use Platino on the same computer.

Titanium SDK before 6.0 needs "Android SDK API 23" and newer SDK needs a new recompiled version of Platino modules.

Is there a way to get a SDK 6 recompiled version of the modules ?

I ordered (and paid !) a yearly subscription for Platino on june 13 (9 days ago).

First : I can't download your products from France. I had to get them first from a USA located VPS to finally re-download from France. It was really complicated, but I was able to get it.

Second (and most important) : I did't receive my licence key and Platino Studio ask for it at start.
Despite 2 support tickets, 1 email and 1 message on your contact form. I haven't got any answer from support team.

I bought a subscription, and I can't use it ...