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Platino 4 updates will be coming before the end of the year.  Check back soon!
--December, 2017


Started by raybelisle, December 03, 2017, 09:01:33 am

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I'm assuming that nothing with Platino 4 is going to happen this year (or maybe ever?). The information from BlackGate seems to have dried up. This blog post is almost a year old (https://platino.io/more-platino-4-news-coming-but-first-some-notes-on-platino-3/) with no follow up I can see, except for the header on the forum that states:

We've got some huge Platino 4 updates coming very soon, so check back here next week.

July, 2017

with no additional information I can find. I hope I'm wrong. I bought Platino in the past, not because I had a need for it right away, but to support BlackGate and the work they were doing to help bring a good game development framework to the Appcelerator community, kinda hoping someday I would have a real use for it. Played a bunch and always tried to keep up to date on what was being developed by BlackGate...

Since most information publishing has gone quiet, it would be nice to hear something from John or Peach to let the community know if there will be any further development or updates.

As I said, really hoping I'm wrong.

Ray Belisle

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