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drop | abstract arcade physics game

Started by tanelteemusk, February 19, 2015, 01:36:05 am

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App Store http://goo.gl/y41yMP
Landing page http://drop.teemusk.com/

The game uses platino game engine with Chipmunk physics. Loved to develop with those. Chipmunk for platino was not documented too much so a lot of experimenting went into this project.
Some people say the game is too difficult. Maybe I'll make it a little easier someday ;)

Let me know if you have feedback.



It IS difficult - but I think that's part of the charm.

I really enjoy playing, it's addictive but it's also simple enough I can play it while I'm on the phone without getting too distracted from my convo.

Thanks for posting, really great game :-)


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